Eating more than one egg a day is actually healthy

There is this unfound assertion that the more eggs people take in a day is the cause of most illness.

This has led to the disinterest in egg intake, no one wants to die, no one wants to eat anything that would lead to sickness.

Everything about eggs is actually very Healthy, people must take the pain to Research a little especially when they come across such news, Just accepting it might actually be what kills you.

The numerous benefits derived from eggs alone kills the wrong assertion out there.

Taking more than one egg a day just means more nutrition for the body, however diabetic patients risk-taking in foods with high protein hence not encouraged to.

People with medical conditions have their diet prescribed so why do we take these prescriptions out of context?

Our bodies need nutrients provided in healthy foods stoping intake could actually be the root cause of our illnesses.

Eggs are healthy and there is no true medical finding that proves taking more than one is unhealthy.

Too much of everything is bad but till date doctors have not been able to tell us the actual number of intake that would be termed bad.

The Misinformation around eggs is actually not only killing the venture but ourselves too.